07 Pro 2015

Silver freestyle at the World Air Games

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Dubai (UAE) – It was a successfull season for Martin but really long as well. 4th place overall in the Red Bull Air Race, silver medal in freestyle at the World Aerobatic Championships, gold medal in aerobatics and freestyle at Czech nationals and on top of that silver in freestyle at the World Air Games in Dubai. Therefore Martin can’t wait to relax during his winter break.

Martin was leaving to Dubai with mixed feelings. He knew he would have to fly borrowed plane which was difficult because of different setting. Therefore he hadn’t set himself high goals for the WAG. „I have to say there isn’t much energy remaining, I hadn’t had time to practice aerobatics since August so I went competing to Dubai without big expectations, in additin I flew borrowed plane with different setting, therefore I didn’t know what to expect. After all, I made some mistakes in aerobatic leg of the WAG so I ended 4th overall, fortunately I lifted my spirits in freestyle – where I took silver. Eventually, it wasn’t so bad.“

More info about the World Air Games you can find here: www.wagdubai.ae