28 Bře 2011

Czech Miss 2011

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In early March, about a week before the finals of Czech Miss was held at the airport in Hradec Kralove stooting of one of the finalists, girl number 2 Adela Svobodova. Her task was to fly with me in aerobatic aircraft Su-29. Due to a covered eyes she didn´t know what to expect until the moment I started my engine right next to her. First she just watched what is waiting for her and after landing we began preparing for her rock´n´roll in the sky. Josef captured everything in photographs. Together with Petr Vagner, who is an experienced skydiver, we scared Adela enough by what can happen up there and what even can not. She didn´t like negative G, what has expressed by such a scream that I didn´t hear the engine. Although we did a lot of maneuvers, Adela managed everything perfectly.

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