17 Čvn 2010

New York, New York

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The world series of the Red Bull Air Race is happening on June 19-20 for the first time in the history of NYC, the city that never sleeps. The organizers were able, after several years of negotiations and preparations, to bring RBAR to one of the busiest cities in the world. The race in NY is the fifth in order and it is the opener of the second half of the season that will continue on to Europe.

The plane was not disassembled in Canada so Martin flew it straight to NJ to Linden Airport where we have our headquarters for the race. The advantage being that the plane did not have to be put back together.

The race track is at a picturesque location – over the Hudson river, between Ellis Island, Liberty State Park and Manhattan. Unfortunately the pilots will not be able to appreciate the view of the Statue of Liberty or Manhattan skyline. They will be experiencing something close to „a frog in a blender“ effect, because the race track is situated over a very small area where they will be forced to constantly make turns. I think we can look forward to a lot of pylons being hit.

Martin would like to finally score his first points in the New York race. He will have it a bit easier, because Adilson Kindlemann, Matt Hall and Yoshi Muroya are not participating. Also the difficulty of the race track could be to Martin’s advantage, because the difference between plane performance should not be so apparent.

As of now we were able to perform only two test flights, because the first and the second training flights were canceled due to strong winds.