09 Kvě 2010

Rain has canceled the race in Rio

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Martin Šonka took the 13th position in the 3rd race of the Red Bull Air Race 2010 world series which took place in Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro. He didn’t manage to advance from “Wild Card” to “TOP 12”. Hannes Arch won this race the 2nd was Nigel Lamb, the 3rd Paul Bonhomme.

“The Wild Card” and a part of “TOP 12” were flown during mild rain but later it was much worse. Thanks that, the race had to be finished. The results from “Wild Card” pilots were kept. In reference to “TOP 12” pilots, their yesterday’s qualification achievements were counted.

I’m a little bit disappointed, of course, because the advance was very close to me and I regret of the penalty. On the other side, it is fine that I managed to fly faster than yesterday and that I’m closer to the other pilots step by step. So I hope that I will be successful in Windsor and finally bring some points. We have to still set the engine to get maximum achievement which we will need in Canada.

Here you can find all the results. The next race of the Red Bull Air Race is going to take place on 5th and 6th June in Canadian Windsor.