07 Kvě 2010

Training Sessions

Red Bull Air Race, Rio de Janeiro No Comments

Because of the heavy traffic on the local airort, where racing planes of the RBAR also start, only one training flight took place on Thursday. Today, we have done three trainings – the third, fourth and compesative flight for yesterday’s miss.

The problem with low oil pressure has been solved in the morning so there was nothing to prevent us from today’s training programme. All the flights have been OK without any problems and basically without penalties. But there was only one thing during the compensative flight – Martin set badly the propeller so he was a little bit slower.

3rd training flight 1:29.41 +1 13th place
4th training flight 1:30.63 +0 14th place
Compensation flight 1:30.60 +0 10th place

Here you can find all the results, under the button Event