05 Kvě 2010

Engine Swap

Red Bull Air Race, Rio de Janeiro, Video No Comments

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The story concerning the engine changing has already begun in Perth where Martin has recognised that the oil pressure is lower than it could be. But there was another problem found out – little metal parties sticking in the oil filter. That was clear that the acting of our engine in the RBAR wouldn’t have a long time. The decision has been made: “We really need a new engine.” The flying officer Šonka has commanded and a technician Gordon had to agree. There was still only one question: where we get the new one. The only possibility was to buy it from somebody of the RBAR because we needed it as soon as possible.

Finally, we had a chance and made a deal with Nigel Lamb. We are going to buy the reserve engine he was racing with during the last season. It could be lighter and could have higher operation.

Fortunately, Gordon managed to change it during 2 days. Today, Martin flew to the racing airport without any problems where the opening ceremony was taking place. The first flights are coming tomorrow.