23 Dub 2010

Perth, 14th Place

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Martin hit two pylons on Sunday’s Wild Card, thanks this he didn’t move on Top 12 and took 14th place, same as in the qualification. Indeed, he confirmed that he presents well-balanced performance and he has his aeroplane under the control at large. So, we are looking forward that Martin is still going to improve and improve thanks his growing experience.

The engine problem is maybe worse than we expected. Unfortunately, there isn’t so much time to repair it so we will have to get a new one or reserve for Rio Air Race. We will see according to the possibilities.

Perth is really beautiful city full of nature around. It is quite peaceful city and I really enjoyed the accommodation there. Runway was just under the windows of the hotel so we didn’t have to move anywhere during the race. I’m sure I will visit this place again in the future.

The track here was certainly more difficult a more technical than in Abu Dhabi. There were a lot of possibilities for tactics, to choose various courses and you can obtain much or loose much, of course. I tried to fly more certain and more careful course and to avoid pylonhits. This track satisfied me a lot and I was feeling very well during flights. Our plane is slower in vertical manoeuvres so far. Unfortunately, there were 2 of them in each round, that means 4 during each flight and so the loss multiplied. However, there was much experience which we obtained there and we are looking forward to paying interest on the Rio Race.

We have two new sponsors – Flying Academy and german inernet TV DocTuning.tv which attends to cars’ tuning.

Thanks to difficulties in air traffic, caused by a volcano whose name I will never remember, we stay in Australia so that we are moving to Rio Race directly from this place.