22 Bře 2010

Abu Dhabi, The First Flight

Abu Dhabi, Red Bull Air Race 1 Comment

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I arrived at Abu Dhabi after almost 7 hours long flight and with interlanding in Milan. I picked some Dirhams from a local ATM and went by a taxi to a hotel. It was just getting light, the elderly buses with workers inside and luxury cars passed us on the incredible wide motorway lined by palms. It has been pleasant warm weather and everything was ideal. In my hotel room, I found out that my suitcase lock was missing. It was almost new and for a numeric combination. After some time of little nervosity I found out that some good-natured man, probably a fan of AC Milan, borrowed my shaver but without any permission. I will fly back home via Milan, so I hope he will give it back to my suitcase. I will need my shaver this year.

Fortunately, I was sleeping well, unshaved, and today I could join Martin and Gordon. Boys had assembled the plane on their own, so we were only finishing location of 2 HD cameras and a cableway. After the engine test, Martin started his first testing flight in Abu Dhabi. It was lasting 15 minutes and Martin was excited despite of a strong wind. After that, Gordy found out that oil was running out, so thanks that Martin didn’t started again. Everything could be better tomorrow. Except to his testing flights, Martin should train between pylons. So, we will see…